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Product Description

  • Vibration test equipment: test by the digital controller to control the power amplifier to drive 160KN vibrator, the test object locked & fixed to the top of the table, and through the vertical platform or horizontal slide undergo separately up and down, back & forth, around the three-axis vibration test.
  • For The composite vibration test, we can proceed with our unique technology and design of the combination of temperature box and vibration machine.

Product Specification

Machine capability:

Maximum force: 160KN
Frequency range: 1-2100Hz
Maximum displacement: 76mm (peak)
Maximum speed: 2.0m / s (peak)
Maximum acceleration: 100G
Vertical platform: 150 * 150cm 600Kg
Resonant frequency: 500Hz or more
Horizontal slide: 200 * 200cm 690Kg
Resonant frequency: 2000Hz or more
Inner box: 100 (W) * 85 (D) * 100 (H) cm
Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃
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