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Product Description

  • Special support airbag design, bearing capacity, independent suspension system, anti-eccentric load capacity.
  • The output shaft of the exciter is of light weight, strong rigidity, and the axial resonance frequency with more than 4000Hz, and with small useless force. The highest G value can reach the upper limit.
  • VS-300V vertical dynamic electric vibration testing machine features are as follows:
  • Exciter with dual magnetic circuit design, with good body leakage isolation effect, can avoid interference with the test product.
  • Air spring and laminated rubber with double vibration isolation system, vibration isolation effect is good, no need for installation of foundation.
  • Low-impedance &high-performance design, can improve machine efficiency and reduce power consumption costs, high reliability, low failure rate.
  • Use the computer online control, can achieve accurate control effect, and display the control curve of the function, the data input is stored immediately, with infinite memory space.
  • Various control conditions of the table can be monitored by the screen during operation, such as vibration frequency value, amplitude, speed and acceleration and time, and easy parameter setting.
  • This equipment can print the color test report, and can make the editing and the storage or the transmission.
  • Protection measures a total of 18 items, such as over-voltage, over-current, over temperature, over-displacement and zero signal protection circuit, and a variety of abnormal status indicator.
  • The company provides clip (fixture) with a dynamic analysis chart to ensure the reliability of the experiment.
  • The machine can perform IEC 60068-2-6, 34; ISTA; MIL-STD-810E, 202F, 1344F, ASTM; EIA RS-364-28F; JIS D1601; SAE; CNS-3629.
  • Our advantagesrecognizedby the industry:
    1. Triple-isolation design, excellent isolation effect, no need for installation of foundation.
    2. The highest concept of equipment —- no consumables, the lowest rate of damage.
    3. Special design, the output shaft of the strong quality and of light-free with useless force minimal.

Product Feature

For laboratory analysis, product design, production, quality control, quality assurance, and high frequency vibration test.
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