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■ There are two types of images, digital and analog images.
Analog images are commonly known as traditional
photographs or video footages, which are chemically generated with shading technique. On the other hand, digital images are those that are broken down into small individual components called pixels by computer technology, and all the data are expressed in digits. In the identification on the appearance of parts using techniques such as segmentation, edge detection and thinning, the direct use on production lines in place of manual inspections improves the production rate, as well
as increases the acceptable percentage of the product.
These techniques are more and more widely in industrial automation.

Composition and examples of imaging systems:

The system structure is shown as follows:

■ Automatic detection of defects on product, such as missing keys, damaged edges or corners, and dents on the surface, etc.
■ Automatic measurement of specific accurate dimensions.
■ Automatic matching of the product’s shape.

■ Non-contact inspections.
■ The accuracy of dimensional measurement. The accuracy can reach the level of micrometer for certain tiny and precision measurements.
■ Fast and consistent detection. The inspection standard does not change as it does under long hours of manual inspection, which satisfy the on-line inspection of a production line.

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