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■ Requirements for improving the accuracy of existing products
■ For quality stability request of mass-production products, must be able to detect defects and to regress correct system immediately
■ Improvement of detection speed
■ Administration requests for data rationalization
■ Requests for measurement quality
■ Decrease of detection costs
■ Promotion of competition
■ Decrease the instability of artificial measurements
■ Reach the target of measurement automation

Model HT-E2000
Item Quality Standard
Accuracy of measurement Static measurement ± 4μ、Online measurement ± 6μ
Measuring thickness range 0.05 ~ 3.0 mm
Sensor Non-contact Laser Thickness measuring system
Adjustment of measuring distance Fixable & Non Fixable
Measuring speed 0.3 sec / point under by 35°C (CASS 50°C)
Setup of measuring points 1~9 point free
Control mode PC Base Windows Operation system
Database management a. Input by Barcode & keyboard、inspection tolerance setup
b. Materials dimension setup、Items
c. Optution according to requirement
Unit conversion mm、μm、mil
Data processing a. ouput excel file form
b. Reporting of data software
c. 良率分布圖、板厚分布圖、品質分布圖
d. 3D Graph
Measuring width of board 35~50 inch(1120~1250 mm)
Measuring length of board 40~50 inch
Measuring height 1000~1200 mm(Adjustment)
Dimensions 2050(L)×1509(H)×300(W)mm
Size of support board 1500(L)×250(W)×3(T)mm
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