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Computer Servo Control Hardness Tester For Compounded Foam
Among the seats for motorcycle or automobile, the quality of the compounded foam inside matters so much if the passenger is comfortable sitting on it.
This is to press first 75 % of the sample thickness, release and then press 25% still for 20 seconds and then record its force. That would be the hardness of the compounded foam.

Model HT-9756
Capacity 200 kgs
Motor servo motor control system
Speed 0.6∼600 mm/min computer control
Test space Width: 750 mm Height: 540 mm
Size of compressing plate ø200, ø150, thickness 50 mm (aluminum)
Size of working table 70×70cm, thickness 15 mm (aluminum)
Up-down speed adjustment 300 mm/min
Testing stroke 390 mm
Power source 1P 220V 50HZ/60HZ
Dimensions 160×55×205 cm
Weight 160 kgs
Vertical distance between base
and working table
560 mm
Vent ø6 mm
Distance between centers 20 mm
Size 400×400 mm
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