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Programmable Temperature & Humidity Walk-In Chamber
1. Cable port :
Two sizes of cable port are available :
Ø50 mm and Ø100 mm.
2. Doors :
Two types of doors are available: double swing door
( 140W-180H cm ) and single swing door ( 80W-180H cm ) .
3. Entrance curtain :
Provided to avoid disturbance of atmospheric temperature and humidity while opening the door.
4. Floor reinforcement :
A stainless steel plate prevents dents and gouges on the floor while moving the specimen.
5. Carry-in inclined platform :
Provided below the door to facilitate moving of specimens in and out through the door.
6. Entire ceiling blow-out duct :
The extremely wide airinlet reduces the airflow rate ( down to approx 0.5 m/s )
7. Plug socket :
A waterproof plug socket is provided inside the chamber, and is attached with an individual waterproof plug.
8. Temperature and humidity recorder :
Y-100-6 -50 to -100°C 0 to100% RH 100mm Temp. 3 dots, Humid. 3 dots ; Y-180-12 -50 to -100°C 0 to 100% RH 180mm Temp. 6 dots, Humid. 6 dots.
9. Water purifier :
Provided to keep the humidifying heater and wet-bulb temperature detecting wick free from scale.

System Balanced Temperature & Humidity Control System
Temp Range -40~+80°C -30~+80°C -10~+80°C +5~+80°C -40~+80°C -30~+80°C -10~+80°C
Humi. Range 35~95%RH 60~95%RH -
Temp Constancy ±0.3°C ±0.3°C ±0.3°C ±0.3°C ±0.3°C ±0.3°C ±0.3°C
Humi. Constancy ±3%RH ±3%RH ±3%RH ±3%RH ±3%RH ±3%RH ±3%RH
Temp. Uniformity ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C
Humi. uniformity ±5%RH (in the center)
Heat up time +20 to +80°C within 60 min.
Cool down time +20 to -40°C within 180 min. +20 to -30°C
(-10 to +5°C) within 120 min.
+20 to -40°C within 180 min. +20 to -30°C (-10C) within 120 min.
Interior material SUS304 Stainless steel plate
Exterior material Salt steel plate
Insulation material Urethane, Urethane foam 100mm (150 mm, 42 mm)
Floor load 600kg/sq.meter
Door Size Single opening door: 80(W)x180(H) cm
Window size: 25(W)x35(H) cm
Refrigeration system Water-cooled hermetically sealed single stage compressor system
(cascade refrigeration for HL & TL)
Safety devices No fuse breaker, refrigerator overload relay, high pressure switch, air circulator thermal switch, protection relay, protection fuse, boil dry protector, system trouble monitor, alarm
Accessories Viewing window (50 mm), cable port (50 mm), chamber lamp
Power supply 3ø, 220/380/415V±10%, 50/60Hz
Size Volume
(cu. meter)
Sq. meter Inside dimensions
(WxHxD cm)
Outside dimensions
(WxHxD cm)
S 9.0 4.3 210x210x205 325x236x225
M 12.9 6.1 300x210x205 415x236x225
L 16.8 8.1 390x210x430 505x236x225
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