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Falling Weight Impact Tester

This is to test the energy required to crack or break flat, rigid plastic specimens under various specified conditions of impact of a free-falling tup or weight.

Model HT-9493
Input channels 4
Resolution 12 bits (A/D)
Max. sampling rate 50 kHz
Maximum size
of sample (sheet)
100x100x4 mm
Maximum size of sample
(moldings WxDxH)
250x350x250 mm
Maximum drop height 300 cm
Basic of drop mass 2.6 kg
Striking head profile
and mass (replaceable)
ø25×185 mm, tip 12.5R (660 g)
Power 3ø, 220/380/415V, 50/60Hz
Dimension of frame (WxDxH) 75x65x420 cm
Weight of frame (appr.) 350 kg
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