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Melt Flow Indexer JIS K6719, 6758, 6760, 6870, 7120, ASTM D1238, ISO R-1133
It is necessary for measuring the melt index and flow index as an indication of flow properties when forming thermoplastics. This tester is mostly suitable for these purposes featuring the extrusion type electric furnace to and is widely. Adopted for testing various raw materials such as PVC, TPR…etc. Weight of specimen to be extruded through a specified orifice for a specified period of time under proscribed conditions of pressure and temperature is measured and expressed as the flow rate.

Model HT-9431
Temperature range Rt~400°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.1°C
Mercury thermometer 190±1°C
Timer 30 min
Load 2160 g (or requested by client)
Power 1ø, 220V
Dimensions (approx.) 35x50x70 cm
Weight (approx.) 55 kg
Cylinder ø9.5504±0.0076 mm
Piston ø9.4742±0.0076 mm
Die Outer diameter 9.5±0.02 mm
inner diameter 2.0955±0.0051 mm
Length 8.00±0.02 mm
Accessories Mercury thermometer
cleaning brush for die
cleaning brush for cylinder
Bakelite funnel for feeding sample
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