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■ The output axle of exciter is light in weight & high stiffness ; the axial resonant frequency is above 2000 Hz.
■ On-line to computer, data inputted is stored right away; precise control can be reached.
■ Can monitor the control conditions ( Vibration frequency, amplitude, velocity and acceleration ) of operation on display.
■ Apply low-resistance & high-performance design to elevate machine’s efficiency and reduce the test cost.
■ Excellent magnetic-flux-leakage-blocking effect that can prevent from disturbing products under test.
■ Apply PC based controller, 15″ display, easy to operate.
■ PC based display can display the control curve.
■ Can print out test report from colored screen; and have infinite storage space.
■ Provide dynamic analysis diagram to jigs and fixtures to ensure test’s reliability.

1. HT-9363-EM-600F2k-40N120.
2. Controller : HT-9363-EM1 sine wave.
3. Auxiliary table : VF-600-H.
4. Table size:600 x 600 SQmm.

1. HT-9363-EM-300F2k-30N80.
2. Controller : HT-363-VC1 Random spectrum.
3. Combined with the PC board production line fixture to E.S.S
1. Controller : Sine/Random with PC base
2. System protect : HT-9363-PT3.
3. Cooling system : Force air cooling.
4. Base isolating:pneumatic cushion base.

1. Mini shaker for Calibration accelerometer use.

Modle HT-9363
Rated force 400 kgf
Frequency range 0.6-4000 Hz
Max. acceleration 65 g
Max. displacement 30 mm
Max. payload 80 kgw
Max. eccentric 1350 kg-cm
Armature mass 6.5 kgw
Table diameter 150 mm
Shaker dimension 700x650x800 mm
Shaker weight 500 kgw
Slip table 600x600SQ mm
Power amplifier model PA-60
System power 220V, 50A, single phase
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