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Dust Retractor Tester
This tester is to test the characteristics of fatigue resistance of belt under a dusty circumstance by repeatedly pulling out and retracted back. After test procedures ( Described Below ) , manully pull out and retract back the webbing for 25 cycles to check if the retractor is still functional.

Modle HT-9316
Tensile driven by pneumatic cylinder x 1 set
Retractor fixing grips 1 set
Testing speed adjustable
Testing length adjustable
Timer 3 set
Auto/manual control interchangeable
6-Digit counter 1 set
Testing powder 1 unit
Indoor lamp 1 set
Viewing window 1 set
Test procedures spray standard sand for 5 seconds.
Pull out webbing for over 300 mm by the speed of 5 cpm for 2 minutes
Stay still for 18 minutes and repeat step 1, 2 & 3 for total 5 hours.
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