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Retractor Durability Tester
This tester is used to test the durability of retractor by making webbing pull out and retract back repeatedly. Pull out all webbing length and then apply the tensile force of 90N ( 9kgf ). Then release it to retract back all the webbing and which is regarded as one cycle. Apply this test for 2,500 cycles by the speed of 30cycles per minute, and check test status.

Modle HT-9314
Pullout force 90 N
Test speed 30 cycles/min (adjustable)
Test cycles 2500 cycles
Test strok about 1000 mm
Testing specimen 2 sets
Driven and controlled by pneumatic cylinder x 2 sets
Auto/manual control interchangeable
Counter 6 digits 2 sets
Self-lock counter 2 sets
Tensile distance Available to preset
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