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Laboratory Mixer
EVA, TPR, rubber soles, sandals, rubber rollers, tires, sponges, inner tubes, rubber rings, rubber tubes, rubber belts, wheels, erasers, packing, oil seals, fitness equipment, balls, bottle plugs, shock absorbing rubber, steam hoses, soft PVC flooring, adhesive tapes, rubber magnets, pigments, inks, corks, electrical parts, and various kinds of rubber products for automobiles and motorcycles.

1. Intensive mixing takes only 3-6 minutes. Closed type design prevents materials from leakage, saving materials.
2. Equipped with DC motor, available to adjust them rotation speed.
3. Material unloading by temperature control
4. Programmable logic control (PLC) automatic control operation.
5. Attached with a power-factor recorder and temperature recorder.
6. Automatic temperature control
7. Applicable materials such as rubber, plastic and polymer compounds, etc.

Model HT-8809
Main motor HP DC 50
Rubber light weight 3.2 kg
heavy weight 4.5 kg
Plastic light weight 5.0 kg
heavy weight 6.0 kg
Air compressor 2 HP
Fan exhauster 1 HP
Length 3000 mm
Width 1100 mm
Height 900 mm
Outlet 290 mm
Rotator speed Front 0~54
Rear 0~60
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