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The new generation of Megohmmeter is able to measure three voltage scales. It also features a back-lit display and a battery charge indicator. It is used to measure the insulation security for relays, power switches, motor coils, and high voltage electric appliances. It can detect power leakage from machinery and equipment and improve safety in industrial workplaces.

Model 3452-11 3452-12 3452-13
Insulation test voltage 25V DC 50V DC 100V DC 125V DC 250V DC 500V DC 250V DC 500V DC 1000V DC
Effective max. indication 10MΩ 10MΩ 20MΩ 20MΩ 50MΩ 100MΩ 50MΩ 100MΩ 2000MΩ
Cantral indicated value 0.2MΩ 0.2MΩ 0.5MΩ 0.5MΩ 1MΩ 2MΩ 1MΩ 2MΩ 50MΩ
Tolerance (*1) ± 5% of indicated value
Short-circuit current 1.2 mA 0.6 mA
Return speed(mm/min) 0~150V 0~500V
Tolerance ± 5% of indicated value
Discharge function Discharges capacitance charge of tested item
Power supply Manganese batteries (x4)
Dimensions(WxHxD) 152x 47x 95 mm
Weight 440 grams
*1This is the tolerance for the first effective range. For the second effective range, the value is ±10% of the indication. For 0 and infinity, the tolerance is 0.7% of the scale length.


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