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This tester is used to determine the quality of sheath or insulating material of cords. While testing, certain voltage is applied to the conductor and the electrode for a specified period of time. Then, the sample can be inspected to see if it can withstand this voltage value. The system is able to indicate the position of the pin holes and to count automatically the number of the pin hole.

Model HT-8779
Type A B C
TRS. capacity 300VA 500VA 500VA
Output Voltage 0-7.5KV / 0-15KV 0-7.5KV / 0-15KV 0-15KV / 0-30KV
Length of electrode 600 mm
Stainless Steel Bead
600 mm
Stainless Steel Bead
600 mm
Stainless Steel
Bead/Spring (alternative)
Power 1ø, 50/60Hz, AC110V, 3.2A/220V, 1.6A 1ø, 50/60Hz, AC110V, 4.5A/220V, 2.3A 1ø,50/60Hz, 4.5A
AC110V, 9.1A/220V, 4.5A
Dimension 95x35x120 cm 95x35x120 cm 120x45x130 cm
Weight (about) 75 kg 80 kg 110 kg
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