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Specially designed for conducting the automatic torsion test of optical fiber cables.
This machine can be operated independently or got on line with the computer for the mode of automatic operation.

Model HT-8763
Standards applied IEC794-1-E4
Max. test distance 4M, adjustable
Test speed 1~10 cycle/min
Timer Digital
Counter Digital
Load 75 Newton
Power 1phase, 220V, 50Hz
Weight 75 Newton
Torsion angle ± 180,
A–> B, B–>A, A–>B, B–>A as 1 cycle
c.w.  c.w.     c.c.     c.c.
c.w.: clockwise, c.c.: counter-clockwise
Three-jaw type grip heads. Left one is fixed, but right one is adjustable.
Emergency and pause buttons are equipped with the controlling system.
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