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Automatic Disk Rheometer
ASTM D-2084-79, BS1673 PART 10, ISO 3417
For traditional rubber manufacturing factories, a technician could always adjust the rubber components to meet the moulds’ thickness or the hardness of molded products by his own experiences. He can achieve the target through several times of adjustment. However, during the process, not only
he spent lots of precious time and materials, but also no one knows if the ” best ” adjustment for the components is reached. Now, through the help of computer hardware and software, and the test graph of Rheometer, even a fresh operator can easily get the best solution for reasonable components, best-balanced scorch and cure components. Besides saving materials and time, it also assures the quality. It is the best contribution this AUTOMATIC DISK RHEOMETER can do for rubber industry.
Pre-production quality control plays an important role in rubber industry. With proper control, you can decide the best time for mould opening. This is the reason why Rheometer is gaining more importance in the field of basic research, raw material management, quality control and R & D.

Modle HT-8756P
Max. Torque 200 lbf
Torque. sensing range 25, 50, 100, 200 Lbf-in 4stages
Max. Temp. 200°C
Temperature control Micro-processor & computer control, PID & SCR control, accuracy±0.1°C
Temperature sensor PT 100 Ω
Rotor Mpc mode (micro-production control)
Rotor Clamping Pneumatic
Pressure Pneumatic pressure (4.15 kg/sq. cm)
Torque Calibration Standard Torque Calibration
Power 1ø, 220V, 50/60Hz
Vibration Disk Rotation Frequency 100 cpm (1.67HZ)
Vibration angle ±1°C, ±3°C, ±5°C
Test time 3~600 min available to set
Test data Ts1, Ts2, Tc10, Tc50, Tc90, ML, MH
Torque calibration Standard Torque Calibration
Dimensions (WxDxH) about 132x62x116 cm
Weight 200 kgs
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