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Mooney Viscometer
ASTM D1646, BS1673, ISO-289, JIS-K6300,
CNS-10273, 10274
The mooney viscometer is specially designed to measure Mooney viscosity and Mooney scorch. It is fully computerized with user friendly software.

Modle HMV-200
Mooney viscosity Max.200 M
Temperature Max.200°C
Pressure system Pneumatic (air compressor)
Heating system Electrical heater
Rotor L type and S type
Rotor retreating automatic
Rotor speed 2 ±0.02 rpm
Die pressure approx.1173±581 kg
Drive motor 25W, 200/220V, 50/60 HZ, 1500/1800 rpm
Heater embedded ring heater, 550W, 2 sets
Optional equipment printer air compressor
Pneumatic requirements max.7 kgf/cm. sq (bar) generally 3.8 kgf/cm. sq available
Power supply max.AC220V, 1.2KVA, 50/60HZ
Dimensions (WxDxH) approx.800x450x1300 mm
Net Weight approx.259 kg
Available standard ASTM, D1646, BS1673, ISO, R289, JIS K6300, CNS 10723, 10274
Auto Measuring System
Viscosity detector: strain gauge type transducer
Calibration of Mooney viscosity value: By fuzzy logic computer system
Manual/automatic operation interchangeable, easy to learn and operate.
Full computer control, drop down combo box,conversational display & control system with Chinese/English version.
Monitoring the whole test process. What you see, what you get. Auto calculating,printing and saving. It can recall required curves, the viscosity value of 1+4 minutes, the recovering characters of rubber for 1 minute, the rubber scorch acquiring time of TQ3, TQ5, TQ18, TQ35 by TS1, TS2.
Test terms could be saved and recalled to save the time of setting.
Permitted deviation of test curve could be presetted, and the quality of specimen material would be fully controlled.
It could recall any or some testing curve to compare. And display the viscosity value and time of any point on the curve.
It could choose some testing values and get the average.
It could end test according to test requirements and get the test information, or just to cancel this test.
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