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This machine is used to test the fire resistance of organic materials like various wire and cables, PC boards, IC insulating sheath…etc. While testing, put sample at the tip of the flame that won’t swing owing to the breeze. Let the flame burn for 15 seconds and out for another 15 seconds. Repeat another four times, ( Total Five Times ) and check the burning situation of the sample. Type A is of automatic model that is available to freely set the burning time, out time, repeat time and even available to be operated automatically.

Model HT-8655A (Automatic type) HT-8655B (horizontal type) HT-8655C (vertical type)
sample length 300,457 mm
Fuel gas, Methane (responsible by client)
Timer Electric 4 digits
Dimension Horizonta+vertical+controlbox
Control box: 31x25x35 cm
65x35x35 cm 35x40x68 cm
Weight 30 kgs 11 kgs 13 kgs
Power 1ΓΈ, 110V / 220V - -
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