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This is to test the insulating characters between the conductors of the cable or the conductor with sheath by applying voltage slowly increasing upon the specimen to a certain level and see if the specimen can withstand that level of voltage.

Model HT-8644
Type A B C
Capacity 5 KVA 10 KVA 0.5 KVA
Input voltage AC220V AC220V AV110V or 220V
Output voltage AC 7.5/15 KV
Dimension 85x105x150 cm 90x105x150 cm 60x40x75 cm
Weight (approx.) 270 kgs 310 kgs 45 kgs
Power 1ø, 220V
50/60Hz, 2.5A
1ø, 220V
50/60Hz, 50A
1ø, 50/60Hz,5A (110V)
or 2.5A (220V)
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