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Electronic Constant Speed Friction Tester
JIS D4411, CNS 2586, D2002
Designed for testing the frictional performance of automotive brake linings and clutch facings as stipulated in JIS-D4411, CNS-2586 D2002 thus contributing to the improvement of quality. This tester was created under the guidance of the Machinery Research Division, the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology. Since introduced to the market, this tester has been received quite well and employed extensively in various fields and industries such as the manufacturing of linings, clutches, and plastics.

Modle HT-8623
Test Material Rubber mold, resin mold, specially processed woven items, plastics,
sintered metal…etc.
Frication disk Material: Pearlitic cast iron (FC-25)
Revolutions: 450-500 rpm
Test Specimen Dimensions: 25x25x5 mm
Pieces: 2 pcs
Average clamping distance from the shaft center: 150 mm
Pressing Part Min. Facial Pressure: 3 kg/ sq. cm (37.5 kg)
Max. Facial Pressure: 10 kg/ sq. cm (125 kg)
(in specific cases 20 kg/sq. cm)
Accessory weight: 1.25 kg x 1 pc, 2.52 kg x 3 pcs.
The 1.25 kg weight loaded increases the facial pressure
by 1 kg/sq. cm
Counter digital display
Heating device below the bottom side of the friction disk is equipped with a circular
pipeheater for necessary heating.
Capacity 1.1 kw, 1 kw, 0.9 kw & 0.8 kw total 3.8 kw
Voltage 110 V or 220 V
Power 7.5 kw hex-pole motor (with base)
Weight Appr. 350 kg
Dimension 150x150x180 cm
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