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In combination with the use of bursting strength tester, Puncture Tester turns to be an indispensable instrument for inspecting the structural strength of the finished corrugated paper board. In fact, Puncture Tester is a dynamic way to test the quality of the paper board whereas the bursting strength tester is a static method. Both of them are interrelated and neither of them can be neglected.
It is suitable for testing general paper boards, corrugated paper boards, plywood board, plastic boards and fiber boards. The punch head is a triangle pyramid to break the specimen.

Model HT-8507
Specimen size 25.4×25.4 cm
Punch head R1.5 mm, Height 25.4 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 87x41x74 cm
Net weight 150 kgs
Capacity a. Scale 0~53.5 kg-cm
b. Scale 0~107 kg-cm
c. Scale 0~214 kg-cm
d. Scale 0~428 kg-cm
e. Scale 0~26.75 kg-cm
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