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Micro-computer compress tester is applied to test the packing carton box or the container like commodities how heavy load it can afford.
To determine the crack or collapse arose due to a positive, consistent pressure adding to the testing particles.

Model 8506A 8506B 8506C
Capacity 20, 50kN (2000,5000 kgs)
Sensing method High precision load cell
Indicator HT-9635A (16 bits)
Resolution 1/20000
Accuracy within ±1%
Compression area 100x100x100cm 150x150x150cm 200x200x200cm
Test speed 13mm/min (5-100 mm/min)
Power 3 phase, 220V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (WxDxH) 186x100x203 cm
New weight Apr. 480 kgs
Note: This tester can be equipped with computer system for data acquisition at extra charge.
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