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JIS K6328, L1092, ISO 811, DIN 53886, BS 2823, AATCC 127
This machine is used to test the hydrostatic resistance for the materials of fabric cloth, non-woven cloth, waterproof cloth, leather, artificial leather…etc. Traditional design with a high water post is not easy to use and the users have to face that high size. This tester is of bench-top design, compact size with an LCD digital display, not only convenient to use and read, but also the test result can be printed out via a dot matrix printer ( optional ) .

Model HT-8362D
Pressure range 5~30000 mmH2O (0.0005~3 kg/sq. cm)
Resolution 5 mmH2O (0.0005 kg/sq. cm)
Accuracy Better than ±1%
Clamping diameter ø113 mm
Pressurize speed 5~180 ml/min (1 kg/sq. cm/min) adjustable
Sample area 100 sq. cm
Water capacity 300 ml (cc)
Method of display LCD digital display
Power supply 1ø, 220V,50/60Hz, 3A
Weight 120 kg
Dimension (WxDxH) 70x45x60 cm
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