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Crock Meter JIS L1084, L0851, K6328, AATCC 8-52

The appartus is used to carry out rubbing test and color fastness. The rubbing finger which is wrapped with a white cotton, being moved to and fro at a constant speed, and keeping closely contact with the lower bed. The judgement is made by observing the dirtiness of the white cotton.

Model Manual Motor
Rubbing shaft 1 set 2 set
Rubbing speed 60 CPM 60 CPM
Specimen 125x50x50 mm 125x50x50 mm
Size of cloth 50×50 mm 50×50 mm
Reciprocated distance 100±1 mm 100±1 mm
Diameter of rubbing shaft 16 mm 16 mm
Load 900g 900g
Counter Counter 6 digits LCD display
Power supply 1ø, 110/220V
Dimension (WxDxH) 60x20x30 cm 60x46x36 cm
Net weight 15 kgs. (Manual type) 80 kgs. (Motor type)
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