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Taber Type Abrasion Tester
CNS-3309, 6483, 8540, JIS-A1453, K6902, K6911, K7204, L1096, ASTM-D1175, D1044, TAPPIT476ts-63
Used to test cloth, paper, paint, plywood, leather, tile, glass, rubber, etc. This machine tests the specimen by rotating the specimen itself while in contact with the grinding wheel, applying the required pressure. The loss of weight reflects the change in weight of the specimen before and after testing.

Modle HT-8360
Specimen Grinding wheel 120×6.5×3 mm (EXxINxH)
Grinding wheel Diameter 2″x1/2″
Test speed 60.70rpm two sections
Test load 250, 500, 1000g
Counter 6 digits (electronic)
Motor 1/8HP
Vacuum cleaner AC 110V, 500W
Power source 1ΓΈ, 110V or 220V
Dimensions (WxDxH) About 35x35x30 cm
Net weight About 30 kg
Choice of grinding wheel
Specimen paint tile plywood plastic
Type of grinding wheel CS10, CS17 CS17 S32, S33 CS17, H18, H22
Optional CS17, H18, H22
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