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Universal Wearing Tester AATCC-119 & 120, ASTM D-3886, D-3514, D-3885, DRAFT 20-0-70
This machine is of multi-function and high precision for measuring the resistance to surface, flexing and edge abrasion of textile, leather, rubber, plastic and paper. Both wet and dry tests can be done.

Modle HT-8357
Tension weight 2~1/2 lb, 2~1 lb, 1~2 lb
Pressure range 1~9 psi
Head weight 2~1/2 lb, 2~1 lb
Table stroke Approx. 1″
Surface abrasion head 1 REV/Approx. 102 cycles
Counter 5 Figures
Timer 30 min
Table reciprocal movement 120 cycles/min
Power 1ø, 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (WxDxH) 31x65x57 cm
Weight 68 kgs
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