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Rebound Resilience Tester JIS K-6301
This machine is to test the rebouncing flexibility of vulcanized rubber. The method is to move the iron post, set scale at 100 position. Then make iron post drop down freely. The rebound height for the 4th striking will be the bounding flexibility rate of sucl specimen.

Modle HT-8355
Specimen ø28.68~29 mm, height: 12.7 mm
Iron post ø12.7 mm, 356(L), 6.35(R) mm
weight 350 g
Horizontal length of scale 100 mm (100 graduations)
Vertical height of scale 100 mm
Drop height 2000 mm
Length of hanging wire 2000 mm
(front & rear distance: 250 mm)
(right & left distance: 900 mm)
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