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Compression And Deformation Tester
CNS-3560,10487 JIS-K6301 ASTM-D395
This is a static way to test the rubber compression under heat. Place the specimen between plates and screw the bolts to a fix position. But the specimen into the oven for a certain period of time. After finishing the test, take out the specimen and cool for 30 minutes. Measure the post-test thickness.

Heating Time 70°C-22Hr, 100°C-70Hr
Hardness of specimen Compression Thickness of
ASTM JIS Rate Platens
45 below 40 below 40% 7.62 mm
45-65 41-60 30% 8.89 mm
65-85 61-80 25% 9.52 mm
85 above 81 above 20% 10.16 mm
Calculation formula:
Specimen (LxWxH) Rubber-ø28.68 mm
Height-12.7 mm
Foam plastic 50x50x25
Dimensions 20x12x10 cm
Net weight 11 kgs
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