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CNS2054 3479 JIS-L1018, P8112, ASTM-D2210, TAPPI T403ts-63

Model HT-8320 HT-8320A
Features clamping pressure gauge Digital display
Clamping pressure gauge
Capacity 2/5, 5/10 Mpa (selectable) 10 Mpa
Speed of pressurization High pressure: 170±10 ml/min
Low pressure: 95 ±10 ml/min
Precision of display - 0.1 kg/
Speed of depressurization High pressure: 340±20 ml/min
Low pressure: 190±10 ml/min
Display 3 pcs. pressure gauge Digital indicator
Power source 1ø 6A 110V or 220V 3A
Dimensions (approx) 64x35x62 cm 64x35x75 cm
Net weight (approx) 80 kgs 80 kgs
Diameter of clamping High pressure:
Upper: 31.5±0.05 mm dia.
Lower: 31.5±0.05 mm dia.
Low pressure:
Upper: 30.48±0.03 mm dia.
Lower: 31.75±0.25 mm dia.
Standard accessories
Glycerin 1 bottle
Rubber diaphragm 5 pcs
Standard aluminium foil 20 pcs
Driving wrench 1 pc
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