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Computer Servo Hydraulic Horizontal Materials Testing Machine

Specially designed for tensile test of long materials like cable, electrical wire, deformed steel bar, steel rope, steel wire, steel chain, spring, webbing, nylon rope, shackle, hooks, cargo blocks…etc.

Besides servo hydraulic model the types of traditional hydraulic & manual control with the display by computer monitor or digital indicator can be selected as optional.

Moreover, either motor type or bench top type with horizontal design are available for special application.

Model HT-8296
Capacity (ton) 10, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500 (or as requested)
Method of transmission A: Computer control servo hydraulic (Closed-loop control)
B: Other hydraulic method
Ram stroke 700 mm (or as requested)
Testing length 5M optional 7.5 /10 / 15 / 20M (or as requested)
Testing speed Max. 120 mm/min (or as requested)
Gripping distance 300 mm
High reinforced twin-beam body Space of internal width 500 mm
Distance between grip adjustment 300 mm
Type of grip Depending on sample
Dimension (WxDxH) Main body: as per the actual specifications
Control box: 100x700X1350 mm
Power 3ø, 220/380/415V, 50/60Hz
Descriptions for servo hydraulic type
Data Processing System
1. Data-acquisition and data-analysis/clarification
2. Available to backup and modify the write/read path of data file
3. SI unit and other conversion unit: Kg, N , Lb, ton, kN & g for force; cm, mm, & inch for length
4. Self defined testing module based upon any kind of standard test norms (optional)
5. Software passed security protection (optional)
6. XBAR-R engineering diagram and SQC quality control diagram (optional)
7. Various kinds of software providing data manipulation and analysis (optional)
Control Unit
1. Computer-control hydraulic servo system
2. High precision automatic control valve
3. Control mode:
a. Constant speed ram stroke control
Control range: ram return position~max. ram stroke speed
Setting range: 0.5~70 mm/min
b. Constant speed load control
Control range: 5~100% of full scale load
Speed setting range: 01~2.0 full scale/min (but up to specimen material)
c. Constant speed stress control: 1~5 (kg/mm/sec)
d. Constant speed strain control: Control range: 5~100% of full scale strain
e. Fixed displacement control
f. Fixed load control
g. Stress-strain speed control
4. Setting of testing parameters: database modularized
5. Display of testing parameters: valve and real-time curve (load, stroke or elongation) available to be displayed and switchable by computer
6. Control mode of operation: auto/manual function switchable
7. Emergency shut down button & overload protection (auto stop) function equipped
Measuring Unit
1. Method of load/displacement measurement:
a. IBM compatible computer system with a SVGA color monitor and a color ink-jet printer
b. Load signal from high precision pressure load cell
c. Displacement signal from optical encoder or optionally from analogue strain gauge
d. Signal processed and amplified by low-noise high linearity electronics
e. Completed with a friction – free ram
2. Signal amplification: 1,2,5,10 (optional 20 & 50)
3. Automatic load ranging and switch over to a higher next range when load exceeds 90% of present range
4. Accuracy of load: within±1%
5. Various kinds of curves available
a. load – displacement
b. load – time
c. stress – strain
d. displacement – time
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