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Elmendorf Tearing Tester
TAPPI-T414, JIS P-8116, CNS-B53
To test tearing strength of fabric, paper, PVC material etc. Specimen are being slightly splitted. One side is firmly gripped and the other is being gripped and moved foreard to effect tearing action scale pointer indicates tearing strength.

Model HT-8140A
Type A B C
Capacity (gf) 0~100 or 0~200 0~1600 or 0~3200 0~6400
Sample size 63±0.15×76±2.0 mm
Dimensions (approx) 50x25x37 cm 60x40x50 cm 80x55x75 cm
Net Weight (approx) 15 kgs 35 kgs 60 kgs
Referent Stardards TAPPI-T414,ISO-6383
* Optional: Micro-computer indicator is available upon request. (HT-8181D)
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