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Multi-Functional Bicycle Impact Tester

Suitable to perform the impact test of bike’s parts or assemblies, including the vertical impact tests toward font-fork drop-hammer jig, front-fork bike frame assembly’s drop-hammer jig, front-fork bike frame assembly drop-down jig, bike axle jig, stepper, x-, y- & diagonal jig, handle assembly device and crankshaft. The tester is under modular design and the standard & function can all meet respective spec requirement, easy and safe in operation.
*And we also can follow the international bike’s standards listed below to use the respective bike jig/fixture module:
*BS / DIN / NF (U.K./Germany/France)
*CPSC / CSA (USA/Canada)
*JIS / JBMS / BA (Japan)
*AS / NES (Australia/New Zealand)
*GB / QB / CNS (Mainland/Taiwan)


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