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Tape Initial Adhesion Rolling Ball Tester
The theory of this testing machine is to test the adhesion characteristics of tapes by making the adhesive surface of specimen upward and place it onto the test plate inclining 30°, fix two ends with tape and weight respectively. Then start from the largest steel ball; let the ball roll from the test plate one by one. Record the number of steel ball that can stay at the tape for over 5 seconds.

Model HT-8075A
Angle of slant board 20° to 40° adjustable (normally 30°)
No. of specimen 4 pcs
Specimen size With: 10~15 mm, Length: 400 mm
Steel ball No. 2~32, dia. 1/16″~1″ (box package)
Material of slat board 5 mm thick frosted glass
Aided path thickness: 25 um, length: 100 mm, polyester
Reference weight 500 g with dia. 50 mm
Dimension 51x30x30 cm
Net weight approx. 15 kgs
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