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Deflection Temperature Bath
CNS-2229, 4393, ASTM-D648
After placing the specimen on the two supporting racks, inside the bath, add the load post and heat up at a rate of 2°C/min. When the central part of the specimen falls down for a given depth (plastic at 0.26 mm and ebonite at 0.25~0.33 mm), the actual temperature required is the deflective one, the information you need. You also have to test the cross-breaking strength of the specimen at the permanent temperature (ebonite at 23°C)

Model HT-8054
Temp. controller Programmable, RT~300°C
Conductive heating liquid Glycerin, silicon oil or insulating oil
(excluded, preapred by user)
Support space 100±2 mm, R3±0.2 mm
Load 1.82 Mpa, 0.455 Mpa
Mixer 25W
Micrometer 0.01~10 mm
Dimensions 55x40x60 cm
Weight 35 kg
Power 1ø, 220V
Specimen (LxWxD) 127×3.175×127 mm
127×6.35×12.7 mm
127×12.7×12.7 mm
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