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Salt Spray Testing Machine CNS-4158
The salt spray corrosion tester is used to test the corrosion resistance of all kinds of metals whether plated or organic coated or inorganic coated by exposing to atomized salt solution. Check if the specimen has the conditions of denting, rusting, cracking or blister after test.
1. Spray tube warranty testing: 2000 hours.
2. All functions setting are included in one control panel.
3. Over heating protection device and water warning device are installed.
4. Digital temperature control. ( SSR control accuracy ±1°C )
5. Tank capacity: 251 salt solution.
6. Mist spray distributed evenly.
7. Full self-diagnostic alarm & trouble display.

Model HT-8052A HT-8052B HT-8052C
Test temp. 35±1°C / 50±1°C 35±1°C / 50±1°C 35±1°C / 50±1°C
Inside dimensions (WxHxL) 160x100x50 90x60x50 60x40x45
Test specimen 15° 136 PCS 48 PCS 24 PCS
30° 136 PCS 30 PCS 15 PCS
Power consumption 220V, 1ø,15KW 220V, 1ø, 6KW 220V, 1ø, 3KW
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