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Standard Weather Meter
Weatherproof test is conducted to find out the impacts on some items and parts in a natural environment condition by such factors as sunbeam, ozone, rain, snow, temperature and humidity. It will also find out the resistance of the aforesaid items to the aging effects imposed on them by the elements. The changes of properties of the items under test such as defomation, discoloration, rate of penetration, gloss, peeling, hardness and softness. With the result of the test, the quality requirement can be improved. This test device may be used in many fields such as aviation, coating industry, automobile industry, textile industry, dyestuff industry, plastic industry and construction companies.

This is with optional light sources of Sunshine or Xenon for your selection upon request. Detailed specifications are available upon request.

Model HT-8051
Light Source Enclosed Carbon
Inside Dimension (WxHxD) 1000x1000x900 mm
Outside Dimensions (WxHxD) 1300x2000x1300 mm
Weight 380 kgw
Testing time 24 hr
Test voltage 120V to 145V (135V)
Test current 15A to 17A (16A)
Black panel Constantly 63±3°C or 83±3°C automatically
Specimen drum 800 mm dia
Drum rotation speed 1 rpm
Test specimen No: 60 pcs (two stages)
Size: 150×70 mm (W x D)
Temperature range 10°C over RT to 85°C
Humidity range Dry at 40°C, RH is 40% to 85%
Dry at 80°C, RH is 30% to 50%
Carbon rod upper: ø13×305 mm (1 unit)
lower: ø13×100 mm (2 units)
Power consumption 220V single phase 11KVA
Related Standards
AATCC 16, 111
ASTM D-529, D-750, D-822, D-1419, D-2263, G-23
BS 1006, 3900
CNS A-3076, A-3158, Z-8015
ISO-R 878, 879
JIS A-1415, B-7752, D-0205, H-8685, K5400, Z-0236
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