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Standard Fade Meter
Lightproof and discoloration test is an acceleration test to find out the impact of ultraviolet rays on color change. The scope of test includes dyeing & conditioning, printing, hide, plastics, synthetic glass, paint making, textile, ink ,rubber and other industries using pigments. The test result may be available in a short period and this will help evaluate the degree of lightproof and discoloration.

Model HT-8050 8050A
Humidity Type wick type pan type
Equipment System nature control
Humidity range under 50%RH 30~85%RH
Light Source Enclosed U.V. Carbon Arc
Inside Dimension (WxHxD) 700x900x700 mm
Outside Dimensions (WxHxD) 1150x1800x900 mm
Testing time 24 hr 24 hr
Test voltage 120V to 145V 120V to 145V
Test current 15A to 17A 15A to 17A
Specimen drum 508 mm dia 508 mm dia
Drum rotation speed 3 rpm 3 rpm
Temperature range RT+10°C  to 63°C RT+10°C  to 63°C
Power consumption 220V single phase 6KVA 50/60Hz
Related Standards
AATCC 16, 111
ASTM D-529, D-750, D-822, D-1419, D-2263, G-23
BS 1006, 3900
CNS A-3076, A-3158, Z-8015
ISO-R 878, 879
JIS A-1415, B-7752, D-0205, H-8685, K5400, Z-0236
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