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Standard Dust Tester

Dustproof test machine is used to test the dustproof and dust resistant function of automobile parts. The main test includes float dust (F) and current dust (C) test and the parts to be tested include lights, panel board, taking back device of safety belt, dust cover of electrical parts, steering system, gear shaft, door lock, etc. The test is aimed at finding out dustproof and dust resistance functions as well as the safety of those parts.

A. A powerful dust spray unit is used and the operator may, with the assistance of control panel, operate it for conditions F1, F2 and F3.
B. Vibration system is used to make the density of dust of the same degree.
C. The fine and precise dust collector may reduce the wrong evaluation of dust density caused by improper operation.
HT-8049C may be used for floating dust and current dust.
D. Conforms to JIS standard and the powder meets JIS standard requirements for conducting test can be supplied (6 or 8 kinds)
E. Type C conforms to IEC IP Code.

Modle HT-8049F HT-8049C
Test applicable F1 F2 F3 C1 C2
Inside dimension
900x900x900 mm 900x900x900 mm
Test temperature 20°C±15°C 20°C±15°C
Humidity range 45% ~ 85%RH 45% ~ 85%RH
Dust condensation 6000
mg/cu. cm
mg/cu. cm
mg/cu. cm
Weight 320 kgw
Outside dimension (WxDxH) 1500×1800×1300 m/m
Power consumption 220V SINGLE PHASE 5KW 220V SINGLE PHASE 5HP
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