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Standard Rain Tester
JIS D0203, D5500, SAE J585e, CNS 7138, IEC IP code

This tester may be used to test the lights of automobile and autobikes, the function of rain sweeper, weather strip, the panel of autobikes, the guiding device of the missiles in national defense system, and the cone shaped cap of radar. It may also be used to test the rainproof function of the equipment used in aviation industry.
A. The water flow gauge is adjustable. It is generally suitable for a rainfall of 10cm/h and it can meet the requirements of maximum rainfall of 35 mm/m that may happen in the forthcoming 20 years.
B. The unique water dispenser may steadily control the flow of rainfall and the pressure.
C. RS may be separately controlled and therefore, it may be replaced without the necessity of having the operator enter the tank to do the work.
B type of this machine may heat the item for test from Rt~85°C, this a negative pressure may be generated because of the fact that the temperature for the item being tested is higher than that of the water. This will make the test more precise. (MIL-STD)

Type HT-8048A HT-8048B
Test temperature Room temperature Rt~85°C
Inside dimension (WxDxH) 100x100x100 cm 100x100x100 cm
Specimen frame rotating speed 4~17 rpm (Adjustable) 4~17 rpm (Adjustable)
Spray nozzle rotating speed 23 rpm 23 rpm
Weight 350 kgs 350 kgs
Dimension 145x130x200 cm 145x130x200 cm
Power 1 phase, 220V, 5KW 1 phase, 220V, 9KW
Rain Spray Capacity R1 1.8 L/min
R2 3.2 L/min
S1 24.5 L/min
S2 39.2 L/min
Pressure R1 0.1 kg/sq. cm
R2 0.3 kg/sq. cm
S1 1 kg/sq. cm
S2 3 kg/sq. cm
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