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Aging Oven Tester
JIS-K630, K-7212, ASTM D-2436, E-145,
JTTC SPEC.-151 CNS 3556
The oven is used for degradation study of plastics & rubber when subjected to heat in a rotational condition for a specified time. One day test at 70°Cis theoretically equivalent to a six-month usage in normal environmental condition. The machine is equipped with a motor-driven rotary plate. Hot air circulation will ensure even temperature distribution.

Type A B
Inner dimension 40x40x45 cm 50x50x60 cm
Heat 1.8 KW 3.2 KW
Temperature RT-200°C (or 300°C) RT-200°C (or 300°C)
Rotating speed 8-10 rpm 8-10 rpm
Motor 1/4 HP 1/2 HP
Net Weight 80 kg 120 kg
Dimension 84x54x100 cm 95x65x118 cm
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