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Geer’s Aging Oven Tester
This tester is designed to test the aging resistance specially for rubber, plastic and some insulator materials. Different from normal aging oven, this tester has:
a. Temperature constancy
b. Temperature uniformity
c. Heat-up speed after door opened
d. Wind speed and air exchange rate of testing chamber
e. Seal of heat isolation of the testing chamber
f. Special apparatus for adjusting air exchange
g. Confirms to testing norms:
JIS K-7217, K-7623, K-6301, ASTM D-2436, D-573, UL-746B, IEC-540, BS-6746, 903, ISO/DIS 4577

Model A B
Inner Dimension (WxHxD) 450x450x450 mm 600x600x600 mm
Temp. range RT ~ +200°C RT ~ +300°C
Rotation speed 8-10 rpm 8-10 rpm
Temperature / indicator ±0.3°C
Temperature / uniformity ±0.5%
Air Refresh option1: 1-10 times/hour
option2: 10-200 times/hour
Power consumption 220V single phase 5KW
220V single phase 7KW
Options air flow meter (recorder)
Accessories 1. square shelves x (2 pcs)
2. test specimen x (2 pcs)
3. running meter x (1pcs)
4. time meter x (1 pcs)
Measuring Method Of Air Change
This method measures the air change rate of the std type oven as follows
N: number of changes of air per hour
X: Power consumption during air change (W)
Y: Power consumption during no air change (W)
V: total volume of oven (cu. cm)
D: Density of oven ambient air (g/cu. cm)
△T: Temperature difference inside/outside oven (°C)
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