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Freezing Tester JIS K6545, ASTM-D1790, D1593
This tester is used to test the cold resistance for the nmaterials of rubber, plastic, cable sheath, outsole, whole shoe leather and synthetic leather, in order to understand the feathers of those materials under a freezing circumstance. This tester would be excellent equipment for quality improvement. Inside the chamber there are many selections available for different test purposes. Please refer to the following table.

Model HT-8043-A HT-8043-B
Temperature range RT~-30°C RT~-50°C
Cooling down ability About 60 min. About 70 min.
Chamber size 60x60x50 cm
Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C
Temperature uniformity ±1°C
Temperature control system Digital display temperature controller + automatic balanced temperature system +SCR setup
Refrigeration system Hermetic compressor, air-cooled even-temperature adjusting control, compressor protection setup of startup under low temperature, CFC refrigerant
Chamber structure Stainlesssteel SUS #304 plate for interior and exterior, rigid polyurethane foam as insulating material, internally reinforced structure design
Safety devices No fuse breaker, compressor overload protection relay, refrigerant high pressure protection switch, over-temperature protector, protection relay
Power consumption 4 KW 6 KW
Counter 6-digit LCD display
Timer 99Hr Digital 999hr/min
Dimensions 223x80x90 cm
Weight 300 kgs (excluding any fixtures)
Power 1ø, 220V 25A 1ø, 220V 30A
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