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Oil Bath Tester CNS 687,689,3985,3986,3987
This machine is used for testing the enameled copper wire, insulator or sheath that are made of rubber or plastic. Soak sample in warm oil after a given period of time and then take out specimen for testing its residual rate of tensile. If the sample happened to be enameled wire, you can detect the quality of its varnish film.

Modle C type D type
Applied Dumbbell Sample Enameled copper wire
Specimen volume (cm) 6 sets cups, ø5×15 depth Test bath 30x30x20
Weight (approx) 20 kg 17 kg
Temperature RT~300°C
Mixer 25W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 65x43x35 cm
Power 1ø, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Different inner size available upon request at extra charge.


Test Specifications
Material Rubber Sheath Plastic Insulator of Sheath Enameled Copper Wire
Testing Time 1.8 hrs 4 hrs 24 hrs
Testing Temp. 120°C 70°C 100°C
Soaking Depth - - 15 cm
Specimen Specs #3 or #4 dumbbell cutter length: 20 cm
Oil #2 lubricant of CNS-3562
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