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Par Marton Type Specimen Adjuster UL-1581
This machine is used to grind the surface of a sample and changes the thickness of various kinds of material to suit the physical test such as tensile test. Move specimen by adjusting the wrench to a direction of up/down, right/left, forward/backward.

Modle HT-8025
Specimen size (WxLxT) Max. 45x13x5
Grinding Wheel Size ø150×38(T) mm, grit 36#
Motor 1/3HP
Speed 50Hz~1420 R.P.M.
60Hz~1720 R.P.M.
Available working area 270x70x15 mm
Dimensions (approx) 60x55x40 cm
Net Weight (approx) 50 kgs
Power 1ø,110V
Options Vacuum Cleaner
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