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Akron Abrasion Tester CNS 734 K6264 BS-903
This tester is specially designed for testing the abrasion endurance of the sole, tire and the rubber-like products in combination with the use of reference weight.

Modle HT-8022
Reciprocate speed 250±5 rpm or 85±5 rpm
Grinding wheel ø150×38(W), Sand grit #40
Adjustable testing angles 0 to 45 degrees, (adjustable)
Counter 6 digits (electronical setting)
Loading Approx.0.45 kgs (2 pounds) or 2.73 kgs (6 pounds)
Power 110V or 220V
Dimensions (WxDxH) Approx.60x45x40 cm
Net weight Approx.60 kgs
Specimen (LxWxT) External diameter 2.5″, Thickness 1/2″ Internal Diameter
1/2″Hardness 60-70 degree or 220x127x1.5 mm
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