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Xenon Long Life Weather Meter

1. Emission density: at 340nm: 0.5 W/M2, at 340nm: 0.5 ± 0.05 W/M2, at 300nm`800 nm: 60 ±6 W/sq.M
2. Material applied:
• SUS#304 x1.0t for inner tank wall, mist surface treatment.
• SUS#304 for outer shell with painted coat.
3. Radiation source: 6500W water-cooled Xenon light (guaranteed for 2000H in operation).
4. Lighting way: select 1/2-load or full-load work, use dew cycle to set up emission time and dark cycle and perform repeatedly.
5. Spectrum range: classified to the following two range according to code requirement:
• 267~800nm while applying BORO tube.
• 300~800nm while applying SODALIME tube.
6. Material applied:
• Test rack is made by SUS#304 plate, 960 mm ±3mm, able to put 76 pieces or more standard specimens on it.
• Stabilizer, one set (contains ICB starter).
• Set up the following conditions by finger-touch operation interface:

** Operation screen: make test under the monitoring screen
** Operation condition: including constant emission, dark cycle, rainfall cycle, total test time and exposed energy.
** Date & time: setting screen on system date & time
** Trend chart: user can monitor the current and historic temperature, humidity, voltage, current & luminance trend charts.
** Control tool: can set up system temperature/humid parameter.
** Function test: perform manual test on system assemblies.
** Alarm display: can query any abnormal time and reason causing it.

• Xenon water-cooler with cooling water & pure water set (60L/H RO device, dirt remover (one set for each), active carbon filter, condensate heat exchanger, water-free protector, overheated protector, water cooler, and 20L/M axle-less circulating pump (made in Japan).
• Voltage protector, one set
• Rainfall pressure gauge and regulator, one set
• Rainfall nozzle, 4 pieces.
• Rotary tank cooling device, one set
• Air conditioner, one set (made by stainless steel) (airflow speed maintained in the test tank is 1.5M/S).
• Anti-UV observation glass (made in Germany), one set

7. Standard equipment:
• BORO outer light-filtering tube, one piece; BORO inner light-filtering tube, one piece.
• SODA LIME outer light-filtering tube, one set; QURZE inner light-filtering tube, one set.
• Digital type black bulb temperature (BPT) 0.0~120.0 Ž, one set.
• Specimen rack, 38 pieces, made by of aluminum alloys, two layers per piece and thus can store 76 pieces of specimens in total.
• Emission density meter transmitter ELSEC-UV/VIS, made in U.K.
Graphic & numerical display: wavelength range under measurement: 300~400nm, emission density under measurement:290~400nmA0~200W/sq.M
• System cooler, one set
• Resin ion filter, one set
• RO ion filter, one set
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