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Xenon Fade Meter
4500W water-cooled Xenon Fade Meter

Modle HT-2450A
Emission density at 340nm: 0.5 W/sq.M
at 300nm–400 nm: 60 W/sq.M
Space under test (WxHxD) 800x900x800 mm
Material applied SUS#304 x1.0t for inner tank wall, mist surface treatment.
SUS#304 for outer shell with painted coat.
Radiation source 4500W water-cooled Xenon light
Lighting way select 1/2-load or full-load work, use dew cycle to set up emission time and dark cycle to perform the spectrum range repeatedly.
Spectrum range classified to the following two range according to code requirement:
267~800nm while applying BORO tube.
300-800nm while applying SODALIME tube.
1. Test rack is made by SUS#304 plate, 690 mm ±3mm.
2. Stabilizer, one set.
3. Finger-touch interface operation controller, one set
•Can set up: operation condition, including constant emission, dark cycle, total test time and exposed energy.
•Date & time: system time & date setting screen.
•Trend chart: user can monitor the current and historic temperature, humidity, voltage, current & luminance trend charts.
•Control tool: can set up system temperature/humid parameter.
4. Air conditioning system, one set.
5. Anti-UV observing glass, one set.
6. Standard equipment:
•BORO outer light-filtering tube, one piece; BORO inner light-filtering tube, one piece.
•SODA LIME outer light-filtering tube, one set; QURZE inner light-filtering tube, one set.
•Digital type black bulb temperature (BPT) 0.0~120.0°C, one set.
•Specimen rack, made by aluminum alloy.
•Emission density meter transmitter ELSEC-UV/VIS, made in U.K.
•Graphic & numerical display: wavelength range under measurement: 300~400nm, •emission density under measurement: 290~400nm, 0~200W/sq.M
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