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Lifting Mechanism Durability Tester
This machine is used to measure the rebounded height of seat foam after undergoing a certain force of impact.

Modle HT-2397
Working table size 100×150 cm (suitable for testing manual front seats)
Distance of working table from
70 cm, horizontal level adjustable
Working table platform T slot (with M12 thread), transverse direction, 200 mm distance
Testing method A. Front lifter UP: UP and DOWN alone
B. Front lifter UP -> rear lifter UP -> rear lifter DOWN
->front lifter DOWN
Type A and B tested individually
C. Pushing mechanism driven by pneumatic source
All above stroke and cycle can be preset as per different car types
Air source 6 kg/sq. cm, air pipe 1/2″ x 1piece
Power 1ΓΈ, 220V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 115x122x70 cm
Weight 450 kg
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