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Getting In / Out Durability Of Seat Cushion Tester
This machine is used to measure the durability of car seats, under continuously horizontal, vertical or a given degree, and a given load, for fatigue durability test.

Modle HT-2394
Working table 1150×150 cm (for testing front & rear seats)
Distance of working table from ground 70cm, horizontal level adjustable
Working table platform T slot, transverse direction, 200 mm distance
Testing methods Put load mould on the seat cushion
Method A: Apply vertical force 130 kg for 5,000 cycles
Method B: Apply 100 kg force at an angle of 60
Method A and B should be tested separately (by changing fastening the sample)
The above-mentioned force, angle and cycle can be modified as per different car types.
Test speed 8-12 times/min (normal 12 times/min) available to preset (or as requested)
Air source 7 kg/sq. cm, air pipe: 1/2″x1 piece
Power 3ø, 380V, 50Hz or 3ø 220V, 60Hz
Dimensions main body: 117x200x210 cm
control box: 125x65x139 cm
Weight main body: 1500 kg
control box: 200 kg
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