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Power Tester Of Physical Exercise Bike
Use this tester to perform the following tests:
1. Temperature-rise test
2. Braking torque test
3. Long-term load variation state test ( speed-relevant physical exercise bike )
4. Variation state of intermitted test ( speed-relevant physical exercise bike )
5. Power test

Model HT-2390
Fixed test bench:1500 mm ×600 mm or by customer-specified.
One set of transmission motor.
Range of x- and y-direction adjustable space: 200mm (x-direction), 300mm (y-direction) or by customer-specified.
10kg-M torque sensor
Test power: 500W maximum
RPM: 130 rpm maximum
Temperature measurement: above 100°C
Suitable motor-driven type:
a. Bolt-type 5-core spindle: M8×1.0 mm, 5/16”×22TPI & 5/16”×26TPI
b. Nut-type 5-core spindle: M10×1.25 & M10×1.0 mm
Emergent stop switch and overload protection device
One set of operation tool kit.
One set of computer hardware & software.
The main functions of WINDOWS-version software are:
a. Display and print test charts generated.
b. Can input test procedure and perform test run automatically.
c. Display and print temperature, time, RPM, torque and power output data.
d. Save test data.
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